dimanche 25 septembre 2011

Boys can do it too !

   Who said that the pin up stuff was a girl only world? Just for you, some of the funniest pictures I've never seen  !

Now, you know what to ask as a sexy chrismas present.
" Chéri ! come here, i know what I want and it's not even expensive " ; )

lundi 12 septembre 2011

The Keystone Comedies - 1914

Good morning everyone !

As you know it, today is ... Movie Day. 
A friend of mine get the very good idea of letting her dvd's at home; and what a dvd !
"La Naissance De Charlot" four dvd's with all Charlie Chaplin short movies, amazing and delightfull.

As you may know it from a previous post, Mr Chaplin is one of my favorite comic ever.  
If you can have that collection of movies between your hands, then don't let it go, watch them all, they are worth it. 

Have a lovely week !

dimanche 11 septembre 2011

Vive la rentrée !

Bonjour tout le monde! 

   Hi dears, i'm back on the blog. I just found out that I haven't even told you that I was gone ... Shame On Me !!
Well, I promise I will not do it again. 

   At least that little "pause" out of the web help me found some ideas of posts. 
Buy the way, this is the first back to school on "Les amours de Daisie", so i wish you all a funny and amazing one ! 

   For the occation, you may have noticed that the blog changed design ^^ 
Hope you'll like it. A bit of Fall in this world for god sake!

   Do not hesitate to give me some comments about the blog, posts or things you may want me to do ( hair tutorial, make up, more pictures ... feel like home)

Good luck at work, à bientôt. Charline