lundi 12 mars 2012

Show Boat - 1951

That movie is a remake from a famous musical. And don't think that I can make a better review than the one on "Classic Film and Tv Cafe". I get a lot of inspiration over that blog. 
I just love the song "Only Make Believe" and both scene in wich it's sing are hilarious. Just watch H.Keel face, so funny !
To all Ava's fan, she is incredible is that movie and amazing in that scene: 

 That version is staring : 

Katheryn Grayson and Ava Gardner

Robert Sterling

Howard Keel

Here some pictures from the movie : 

 The boat 


 Ava in her big scene

Have a nice week

dimanche 11 mars 2012

Crazy vintage ads

If you have Vintage magazines, you might have see some pretty funny ads too. Ellen Degeneres has found a couple of  outrageous ones. 

A "no cold" hat... wait WHAT ?

For mother's day, let's offer her a mixer. 

samedi 10 mars 2012

Waiting for Summer

In a couple of days, it will be the end of Winter ( At Last ....Etta James)
I know that it's a bit early but I found such cute outfit inspirations in my magasines.
Just have a look at those pics :

" What you should bring on holidays "

Look at that, symply adorable !

And you, any summer inspiration ?

vendredi 9 mars 2012

You're in the army now

While going to visit Versailles, I went to my favorite little antique shop. You know, the one I bought my old pictures last time.
But, no more pics for me. That very day it was a different treasure that I found :

 A military cap !

 STOP ! too much "Me, Myself and I" pictures here.

Euh no !

 Me, serious ?

That is written inside the hat. If anyone knows what it mean ?

jeudi 8 mars 2012

Everyday look

Hi people, I hope you'r having a nice week.
Lucky you are if you can keep your vintage style for work.

I'll be soon working at a coffee shop ( I will stay a postman on saturdays too). I was supporting that hairstyle for my job interview and they found it "exentric "

Well exentric or not, i just love it. It's simple, quick and can be done on none set hair.
The make up is a thin eyeliner wing with soft pink lipstick and rosy blush.

 I rolled the back with my hair rat and hide my "not so well done" side with a flower.

 I just wanted to show the eyeliner but I look really bad.

 My new shoes !

 My favorite LBD

mercredi 7 mars 2012

Blogosphere inspiration 9

Bonjour à vous tous.
I just realised that I was following at least Fifty blogs !!! Some of them post everyday, some only once a month but it's always a pleasure to read them. Watch beautiful outfit pictures, read interesting article, learn a new sewing tip ... are my daily little plaisure.
This week I loved:

  • The Part2 of "How to be a glamorous housewife"

Have a nice day today ^^

lundi 5 mars 2012

A day at Versailles

Last Thursday, I went with a couple of friends to visit Le chateau de Versailles. I just love that place. The best is to have a picnic into the parc on warm days of July near some cascades or the big pond. Lovely.

 The church

 Le Palais des glaces

 I look quite funny with my audio guide and map

 The king bedroom

 Look at that piece of art !

 The Queen's bedroom

 Can you see the secret exit next to the buffet ?

 Imagine, the French étiquette wanted the royal family to take theyre meal in public.

 Marie Antoinette and her three kids. (the younger one dieds soon after that painting)
 Some amazingly sculpted ceiling

 Le hameau de la reine (the Queen's farm)

 Donkey !!

When we went the weather wasn't perfect but still we really enjoyed that walk. At the end of the day we were exausted. Such a nice day !